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Our Services

  1. 24-hour Monitoring and Control Counter Service at the Headquarters of the Security Office.
  2. Distribution of Vehicle Stickers which has been applied on-line, and forwarded to the Security Office with evidence of printed documents and payment.
  3. Registration of Workers from external sources/Processing of Temporary Worker Pass.
  4. Acting as Centre for Complaints/Reportings involving Security, Emergency and Unexpected Cases.
  5. Conducting and investigating complaints of Criminal Cases on campus.
  6. Assisting in the preparation of Directional Sign Boards.
  7. Assisting in the control of Traffic.
  8. Acting as Escort Services for Guests of Honour/Dignitaries (VVIP).
  9. Assist in controlling and security monitoring for Special Programmes and Exhibition Sites.
  10. Managing and maintaining Close Circuits Television Cameras.

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